Yvain the knight with the lion

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Yvain Summary

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Laudine de Landuc Laudine de Landuc (loh-DEEN deh lah[n]-DEWK), Yvain’s wife. Made a widow by Yvain, she marries him after he has begged her forgiveness.

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Sir Gawain: The Perfect lemkoboxers.com was the knight who appeared in works from Geoffrey of Monmouth () to Sir Thomas Malory (). Of all the knights, Gawain appeared the most frequently in the Arthurian tales. Tales of the Knights, contain collection of popular stories of the Arthurian romances.

They includes the tales of Sir Erec (Gereint), Sir Yvain (Owain) and Sir Gareth. Yvain, or the Knight with the Lion from Arthurian Romances by Chrétien de Troyes Listen to this story and subscribe to The Myths and Legends Podcast!

See the other sources from The Myths and Legends Podcast. Arthur, the good King of Britain, whose prowess teaches us that we, too, should be.

Yvain the knight with the lion
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