The use of x ray in modern

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X-ray machine

When German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen pioneered the use of x-rays years ago—as celebrated today with a th-anniversary Google doodle—he couldn't have imagined the uses they'd be put to.

X-ray art and fine art photography, artistic use of X-rays, for example the works by Stane Jagodič; X-ray hair removal, a method popular in the s but now banned by the FDA.

Shoe-fitting fluoroscopes were popularized in the s, banned in the US in the s, banned in the UK in the s, and even later in continental Europe. The main use of X-rays is in medicine. A comman application is in the form of X-ray machines, which take photos of a patient’s body.

If an arm or leg were broken for example, then this limb would be put in front of the X-ray with a piece of photographic film behind.

The X –ray is turned on briefly and goes through to the film. The rays go. Medical professionals use X-rays to spot fractures, infections and tumors.

History of Medical Diagnosis and Diagnostic Imaging

There are different types of X-rays like CAT scan and fluoroscopy, but the “regular” X-rays include the chest X-ray and abdominal X-ray. Extensive use of x-ray imaging during the second world war, and the advent of the digital computer and new imaging modalities like ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging have combined to create an explosion of diagnostic imaging techniques in the past 25 years.

X-ray based methods of medical imaging include conventional X-ray, computed tomography (CT) and mammography. To enhance the X-ray image, contrast agents can be used for example for angiography examinations.

The use of x ray in modern
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Types of Medical Imaging