The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba

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Mariama Bâ

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Analysis of mariama ba’s novel ‘so long a letter’

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So Long A Letter – Mariama Bâ

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So Long a Letter Summary and Study Guide

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This is not about a new who must become the history wife of a longer family, this is about a common discarded by a man who prides to do right by his speech, but in actuality, has done relatively by his vital goal. Mariama Bâ (April 17, – August 17, ) was a Senegalese author and feminist, who wrote in French.

Born in Dakar, she was raised a an early age she came to criticise what she perceived as inequalities between the sexes resulting from African traditions.

Analysis of mariama ba’s novel ‘so long a letter’ Analysis of mariama ba’s novel ‘so long a letter’ Mariama Ba demonstrates that although these female characters are the victims of their religious beliefs and low social position, they are engaged in the struggle for personal freedom and independence of their country.

Similarly, Victoria Neumark, writing for the Times Educational Supplement, praised Ba as “a Senegalese writer of rare talent,” and declared that So Long a Letter represented not an outburst of “shrill feminism” but rather, “a study in female dignity” (Neumark, p.


So Long a Letter

Jun 18,  · Book Review – So Long a Letter by Mariama Bâ The book mentions several other strong female characters and given the time that this book was written, it’s excellent to see how well they are represented and you can really see how strongly the author feels about the role of women in Senegal.

Book Reviews, mariama ba. - In Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter, the author utilizes the female characters to depict of the dichotomy present in this Senegalese society. The clear contrast between traditional cultural practices and the modern ideologies present in revolutionary, free-thinking women, create a definitive border between these two polar opposite viewpoints.

So Long a Letter.

Analysis of mariama ba’s novel ‘so long a letter’

by Mariama Bâ. THE LITERARY WORK. A novel set in urban Senegal from the s to the s; published in French (as Une si longue lettre) inin English in SYNOPSIS.

In a letter written to an old friend, a newly widowed schoolteacher reflects upon .

The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba
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