The proper crime scene techniques

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Basic Stages for a Crime Scene Investigation — Possible Homicide

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Evidence Collection Guidelines

Why and when is crime scene. Basic Stages for a Crime Scene Investigation — Possible Homicide Don Penven Crime scene evidence is useless unless it is properly marked and packaged and a Chain of Evidence is begun from the time it is picked up.

Use the proper type of containers for all evidence collected. Never package objects wet with blood or other physiological. Crime Scene Techniques and Investigation This five-day, hour course provides instruction in all of the vital components of crime scene investigation and techniques of evidence processing.

The training will include several topics starting with crime scene responsibilities, proper photography techniques, how to use a camera in various manual. Crime Scene Collection Techniques The importance of avoiding cross contamination cannot be overemphasized. The crime scene investigator performing the collection must ensure tools are clean or sterilized and that gloves are changed between handling each sample.

Bullet trajectory techniques complement the blood-spatter analysis, and digital photography helps investigators preserve the appearance of the crime scene for future analysis.

Physical Evidence One of the most crucial techniques used by forensic investigators is to analyze physical evidence left at a. Crime Scene Search and Processing Objective: proper methods and techniques for evidence recovery.

5. proper use and knowledge of resources and equipment. 6. all pertinent evidence is recovered. 7. proper handling and packaging of evidence. Use crime scene tape or other control techniques. 7. Continuously reevaluate efficiency of search.

The proper crime scene techniques
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