The problem of rural education in

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Education in Afghanistan

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Teacher Cooperatives

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Problems Associated with Education in Rural Areas in India

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The current state of the education system is substandard.

Problem-Based Learning: Tips and Project Ideas

Many classrooms, especially in rural Guatemala, do not have adequate teaching materials. The Colorado Rural Education Collaborative is a group of rural districts and stakeholders working together to advance opportunity, quality, and prosperity for rural Colorado students and their families. Corruption in the education bureaucracy and a lack of resources make delivering a high-quality education to all Filipinos a challenge.

Microfinance is one way to help. With the assistance of microcredit loans, women can pay for the education of their children – to purchase uniforms, textbooks, lunches, and.

Register to create an account or log in if you are an existing user. Start your entry and select your region. Complete the information required, submit your entry and pay your entry fee. Cris Parr stands in a sunny room in an old high school surveying rows of drill presses, saws, and other outmoded industrial behemoths.

Education in Haiti

Clearly no one has taught shop here in a long time, not since the goal was to prepare kids from the struggling neighborhood outside for a life in the trades.

The problem of rural education in
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