The prairies

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10 Worst Natural Disasters of the Great Plains

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Le domaine des Hautes prairies vous présente sont site internet consacré à l'élevage de terre-neuve et de Landseer. Prairies of the World The Grassland Biome Grassland3 Fire and Population Dynamics in the Savanna: Grassland (Biomes of the World). Plants. Animals.


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Grasslands. In the middle of North America is a huge area of land which was once covered with grasses and colorful wild flowers.

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Saskatoon Berries What is a Saskatoon Berry? Never heard of a Saskatoon Berry? They may not grow where you live. The Saskatoon is native to the Canadian Prairies, Northern Canada, British Columbia, the Northwestern, North Central United States and Alaska and the berries grow on trees that reach heights of 15 feet.

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The prairies
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