The possibility of evil miss strangeworth

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The Possibility of Evil Questions and Answers

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What is the characterization of Miss Strangeworth?

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It was proven almost certainly, that Miss Strangeworth possessed the character traits of self-consciousness, discreetness, and self-righteousness in The Possibility of Evil. Miss Strangeworth may be fictitious, but people like her are always existent in society.

InThe Possibility of Evil Adela Strangeworth lives in a town she considers "her own". Her grandfather built the first building.

The house she lives in has been in the family for three generation. THE POSSIBILITY OF EVIL. Miss Strangeworth is a familiar fixture in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. Little do the townsfolk suspect, though, that.

The Possibility of Evil Questions and Answers

“The Possibility of Evil” Study Guide Name: _____ Per: ___ 1. Create a plot diagram for the story, label its parts, and plot at least EIGHT IMPORTANT events.

Miss Strangeworth seems evil: Miss Strangeworth seems evil when she does the look behind the parents back. She seems evil when she laughed when the kids left.

The Possibility of Evil

She was evil when staring at the children unduly. Miss Strangeworth seemed evil when she sent the mean letter. She was evil. Summary: The Possibility of Evil, by Shirley Jackson. This is a short essay about the personality of Miss Strangeworth.

This is a short essay about the personality of Miss Strangeworth. It includes an introduction, concrete details, quotes, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and commentary.

The possibility of evil miss strangeworth
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