The history of the use of chemical warfare since the early 1930s

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Timeline of chemical warfare

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These Horrible Chemical Weapons Were Created And Used During the First World War

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When Chemicals Became Weapons of War

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Chemical warfare

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Biological Weapons Convention Comprehensive BW prohibition - parties, 10 signatories bybut Chemical Weapons History.

"This 'chemical weapons taboo' appears to have originated in the innate human aversion to poisonous substances," says Jonathan Tucker, author of a history of chemical weapons.

Chemical warfare

The term chemical warfare came into use with the gas warfare of World War I, and modern biological warfare dates from the weapons systems first introduced in the s. Early Gas Warfare. The Secret History of Chemical and Biological Warfare. New York: Hill and Wang, Since the development of modern chemical warfare in World War I, nations have pursued research and development on chemical weapons that falls into four major categories: new and more deadly agents; more efficient methods of delivering agents to the target (dissemination); more reliable means of defense against chemical weapons; and more sensitive and accurate means of detecting chemical agents.

The history of chemical weapons As with Ethiopia and China in the s, the stigma on the use of chemical weapons was apparently lessened when the victims had few friends in the outside world.

The first large-scale use of chemical weapons that day in ignited a chemical arms race among the warring parties. By the end of World War I, scientists working for both sides had evaluated some 3, different chemicals for use as possible weapons; around 50 of these poisons were actually tried out on the battlefield, says Joseph Gal, a.

The history of the use of chemical warfare since the early 1930s
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A brief history of chemical warfare