The history of air bags

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Federal legislation makes airbags mandatory

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A Short History of the Airbag

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Knee airbags are written to reduce leg would. The companies quickly discovered several challenges associated with this safety feature: it must be able to quickly and accurately sense a collision and it must inflate in 40 milliseconds or less.

Takata Corporation

History. Buick Electra with ACRS. Driver and passenger air bags became standard equipment in all Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision, and Chrysler Concorde sedans ahead of any regulations.

Early saw the 4-millionth air bag-equipped Chrysler vehicle roll off the assembly line. Takata Corporation was begun. It was called at the time the "second largest recall in the year history of the Department of Transportation The action came as 10 automakers in the U.S.

recalled hundreds of thousands of cars equipped with potentially faulty air bags manufactured by Takata. AUTO HISTORY Cushioning the Blow: History of Automotive Airbags. While the initial concept for many pieces of automotive equipment grew out of the early days of automotive history, the idea of the airbag did not surface until the early fifties.

As with many good inventions, it begins with a good story. Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, paper mill owners, were trying to float bags made of paper and fabric. When the brothers held a flame near the opening at the bottom, the bag (called a balloon) expanded with hot air and floated upward.

The Carter Administration mandated that all cars must be manufactured with either automatic seat belts or air bags by model year

The history of air bags
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The History of Airbags