The fourth crusade

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Sack of Constantinople (1204)

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Fourth Crusade

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Fourth Crusade The Fourth Crusade was started by Pope Innocent III inwith the idea to attack the Holy Land through Egypt.

The Venetians changed this crusade, and went to the Christian city of Constantinople, where they attempted to place a Byzantine exile on the throne. Launched inthe Fourth Crusade was in part instigated by Venetian leaders who saw it as a means to increase their power and influence.

Launched inthe Fourth Crusade was in part instigated by Venetian leaders who saw it as a means to increase their power and influence. Fourth Crusade -. The Fourth Crusade was an armed military expedition convened by Pope Innocent III, which took place from the year until and was intended to take control of the city of Jerusalem, or Holy Land, which was then under Muslim rule.

The Fourth Crusade and the Latin empire of Constantinople Pope Innocent III was the first pope since Urban II to be both eager and able to make the Crusade a major papal concern.

Crusading Against Christians – The Failed 4th Crusade’s Destruction of Constantinople

In he called a new Crusade through legates and encyclical letters. The Fourth Crusade (–), also known as the Byzantine Crusade, was originally designed to conquer Muslim Jerusalem through an invasion of Egypt.

Instead, in Aprilthe Crusaders of the West invaded and conquered the Christian (Eastern Orthodox) city of Constantinople, capital of the. The Fourth Crusade (–) was a Latin Christian armed expedition called by Pope Innocent III.

Fourth Crusade

The stated intent of the expedition was to recapture the Muslim-controlled city of Jerusalem, by first conquering the powerful Egyptian Ayyubid Sultanate, the strongest Muslim nation of the time.

The fourth crusade
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Crusading Against Christians - The Failed 4th Crusade's Destruction of Constantinople