The effects of the infamous 1998 nba lockout on the economy of the us

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Lockout looms over 2010-11 season

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Philadelphia 76ers

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The NBA Lockout and the Economy: An Overstated Impact

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Understanding the Economic Impact of an NFL Lockout

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The NBA lockout was the fourth lockout in the history of the National Basketball Association The lockout also affected the economy due largely to NBA cities losing revenue generated by games as well as television networks losing ratings and advertisement revenue. Many players opted to stay in the United States instead.

NBA owners will lose $1 million on average for every game canceled because of the lockout, and players will lose an estimated $ million a month. Bars, restaurants and hotels don't have the public appeal that the clubs do, people wont know the suffers of local, the workers who help make basketball a big event in 30 cities will wonder.

The Effect of Strikes and Lockouts on the Strength of Professional Sports Leagues Undergraduate Thesis Presented in fulfillment of requirements for graduation with. Nov 03,  · The Financial Impact Of The NBA Lockout. Investopedia Contributor i.

With the American economy on life support and millions out of work, one has to question the wisdom of millionaire owners. The NBA lockout shows a clear picture of what will happen if any length of the season is missed, and the picture is a serious loss of view- Andy Kiesler Fourth-year CS “If history has shown sports fans anything, it’s that when a sport isn’t on to talk about, it can become forgettable.”.

The effects of the infamous 1998 nba lockout on the economy of the us
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