The difficulties of being a male

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7 Ways to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace

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Sexual assault and arousal

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Managing difficulties

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Can Nintendo Wii help children with coordination difficulties?

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Transcript. Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), sometimes called dyspraxia, is often identified when a child doesn’t reach the same milestones as other children, like being able to catch a ball or grip a pencil and draw inside the lines.

By Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN. Inthe National Student Nurses' Association conducted an online survey about nursing, including the perceptions of men in nursing. Half of the male nurses who responded said they have trouble in the workplace due to the perception that they're the "heavy lifters" of patients.

Porn stars have it made. On the surface, "have sex with beautiful people for money" sounds like a no-brainer, but while it can be a "dream," not enough people put emphasis on the "job" part. When a male is sexually assaulted and he experiences arousal, he will often experience confusion and anxiety as well.

Find info and support here. GQ editor Dylan Jones looks at men's place in the modern home and workplace and the anxiety men are starting to feel about their loss of status in a world now dominated by women.

The difficulties of being a male
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Being a man | Masculinity and sexual assault