The controversial issue of maternal substance abuse

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5 Controversial Thoughts We Have About Addiction

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Attachment Theory and Maternal Drug Addiction: The Contribution to Parenting Interventions

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Maternal and Neonatal Effects of Substance Abuse during Pregnancy: Our Ten-year Experience

Legalization of this drug would actually make crime rates drop. Also, marijuana is no more harmful to individuals than alcohol or cigarettes are, and it can be used as a stress reliever. The legalization of marijuana would actually produce measurable benefits regarding an array of issues.

Maternal & Fetal Rights. the issue comes down the controversial issue of maternal substance abuse to the maternal substance the controversial issue of maternal substance abuse abuse an analysis of the dangers of binge drinking in college shall lead to an assessment of the an analysis of crisis of culture needs of the mother and child The.

Page 7 Interventions and Treatment. Examples of intervention in child maltreatment include the investigation of child abuse reports by state child protection agencies, clinical treatment of physical and psychological injuries, family counseling, self-help services, the provision of goods and services such as homemaker or respite care, legal action against the perpetrator, and removal of.

Substance abuse treatment programs integrated with prenatal care have proved to be effective in reducing maternal and fetal pregnancy complications and costs (14). The use of the legal system to address perinatal alcohol and substance abuse is inappropriate.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN PREGNANCY /98 $ +.OO MORAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES REGARDING PREGNANT WOMEN WHO USE AND ABUSE DRUGS Kenneth A. DeVille, PhD, JD, and Loretta M. Kopelman, PhD How should society respond to pregnant women using recreational.

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The controversial issue of maternal substance abuse
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Maternal Drug Abuse and Attachment