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Beat movement

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Jack Kerouac was an American writer best known for the novel On the Road, which became an American classic, pioneering the Beat Generation in the s.

William S. Burroughs was a Beat Generation. Like the French Impressionist artists of Paris, the Beat writers were a small group of close friends first, and a movement later. The term "Beat Generation" gradually came to represent an entire period in time, but the entire original Beat Generation in literature was small enough to have fit into a couple of cars (at times this nearly happened).

The Athletic’s approach to beat coverage is unique. We consider our team writers to be “beat columnists,” parlaying their sources to give you truly informed analysis of. Edited by Paris Review co-founder George Plimpton, and with an introduction by Rick Moody, this anthology of “Writers at Work” interviews featuring the great figures of the Beat and Black Mountain movements is an in-depth look into one of the most famous literary tribes of the century.

The Beats, with their mix of talent, bravado, and /5(3). English Language & Literature. Beat Writers Brontë Sisters Chaucer Women Writers Online "Women Writers Online is a full-text collection of early women’s writing in English, published by the Women Writers Project at Northeastern University.

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It’s now a year since I joined WriterBeat. In that time, I have learned much about the animals in this enclosure. What I have to say will probably violate libel “laws” in almost every country.

The Beat Generation

Even the USA. But bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny (Edmund Burke).

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