Rebel without a cause the lives of misunderstood teenagers in the 1950s

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Investigate Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. American Pie by Don McLean song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. 'Rebel Without a Cause' is different in that it focuses on delinquency among the teenagers of an affluent middle-class community.

The film starts with a teenage boy named Jim Stark being arrested by the police for being drunk and disorderly and taken to the police station. Rebel without a cause is a film that views the lives of some rebellious, impatient, and misunderstood teenagers set in the era of the 's.

The film begins with the main character, Jim Stark who is played by James Dean, as a juvenile delinquent brought into the police station. He was brou.


"Rebel Without A Cause" is a classic story of teen angst and juvenile delinquency starring James Dean, who himself was (and still is) a symbol of rebellion and cool to young people everywhere.

It came out inthe same year as "Blackboard Jungle", another poweful film with the same theme. For these reasons, Rebel Without A Cause is an essential film in understanding the s.

Film's Cultural Values or Biases of the 's The film tells a tale of the restless and somewhat misunderstood rebellious and defiant American youth.

Rebel without a cause the lives of misunderstood teenagers in the 1950s
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