Pdaf scam in the philippines

Gatchalian backs DOJ move to reopen PDAF scam probe

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Franchising Series: How to beat competition in the Water Refilling Business

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Filipino Icon: Tricycle and Pedicab

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Priority Development Assistance Fund scam

The daughter and co-defendant of alleged pork barrel scam brains Janet Lim Napoles in the United States money laundering indictments has already fled the Philippines. MANILA, Philippines (Updated p.m.) — Businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles, who is at the center of the massive pork barrel corruption scandal, has been charged in the US with laundering about.

Dec 07,  · Napoles, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla @ PDAF Scam by: Psychic August Ultimately, the four accused in the Php billion Pork Barrel Scam - business woman Janet Lim Napoles and the three senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr., will ALL be denied bail by the Sandiganbayan.

Janet Lim-Napoles

Here is another business idea that you can think about to have for your relatives in the Philippines or for you to invest in yourself. Competition is tight in the water refilling business in the Philippines since clean water is a basic need and the business itself is relatively easy to handle.

Janet Napoles and the unraveling of the pork barrel scandal

The Scandal: Inthe Philippines was shocked by a scandal involving alleged “Pabaon” money to retiring AFP heads, wherein they would receive millions of pesos diverted from other sources and purposes.

High-ranking AFP officials were taken to task for it, which directly resulted in General Angelo Reyes committing suicide when he was compelled to testify regarding the matter.

Pdaf scam in the philippines
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