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For more inspiration, read through some examples of summary analysis essays: A Summary Analysis and Critique of Animal Behavior by Lee Dugatkin A Summary, Analysis and Reflection of Number the Stars, a Book by Lois Lowry.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is a realistic historical fiction that portrays a young Danish girl, Annemarie, during the Nazi occupation. Annemarie’s best friend Ellen and her family are Jewish, and as such, are being hunted by the Nazis. Peter, Mama, and Uncle Henrik all lie to the soldiers and take pride in their courage for having lied so well.

In this way, the adult characters in Number the Stars teach young Annemarie that truth is about integrity and standing up for what one knows is right, even if it involves lying.

Number the Stars Chapters 1 & 2 Pages 1 - 17 1. Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen were _____ on the way home from school. carefully folded and hidden among ordinary books and papers, and Mama always burned it after she and Papa had read it.

c) Lise was a grownup girl of eighteen, then, about to be married to Peter Neilsen. definitions, and.

Number the stars essay example
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