No promises in the wind great depression

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No Promises In The Wind Summary

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No Promises In The Wind

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No Promises in the Wind follows Josh (15) and Joey (10) Grondowski as they venture from their family in Chicago with their teenage friend Howie during the Great Depression. This realistic, and historical-fiction novel shows the turbulence of the 's - the starvation, unemployment, hopping trains.5/5(5).

By: Mary Madelyn Melton The Great Depression No Promises in the Wind The clothing people did have was worn and holy like Josh and Joey's No one had enough money to buy expensive clothing.

Irene Hunt's work, No Promises in the Wind is a great book about growing up during the depression. Hunt takes a look at the world of poverty through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old boy. She includes many different obstacles Josh must overcome such as poverty, death, trust, survival, and love.

No Promises In The Wind. Author: Hunt, Irene. Isbn: The main character in this book has to grow up fast during the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a hard time to be a teenager.

In this book we will experience the hardships of one fifteen-year-old as he has to grow up fast. No Promises in the Wind () is a historical novel by Irene Hunt. This novel takes place in during the Great Depression. The book is about growing up during the Great Depression - that meant growing up fast as young Josh soon lemkoboxers.comher: Follett.

Jan 01,  · No Promises In The Wind by Irene Hunt is a very powerful and sad story. This book takes you through the struggles of the Grondowski family living through the height of the Great Depression.

The year is and Stefan Grondowski has lost his job and has not been able to find work/5(K).

No promises in the wind great depression
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No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt