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Essay about The Book of Malachi The following scripture One example of such a human being is portrayed in Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker. His name is Malachi Stacks, and though he only shows up on stage two or three times, he is the one who gives the entire production meaning.

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Malachi Stacks in the Matchmaker. responding quickly said no, and that was enough for Malachi to know that the money deserved to be in the hands of someone else, Cornelius.

It is also at this point that inequality begins to slowly disappear between the characters. And The Matchmaker, which Wilder meant as an examination of theatrical conventions, reads like just another comedy of manners today, because modern audiences are more accustomed to satire that is sharper and more obvious.

Source: David Kelly, Critical Essay on The Matchmaker, in Drama for Students, The Gale Group, Rex Burbank. VIEW ESSAY. Malachi Stacks in the Matchmaker. In the world of business there are always those men and women who are not recognized for the contributions they make to certain products, projects, or works even though without them the result would never exist.

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Malachi stacks in the matchmaker essay
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