Letter from the trenches

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Letters from the trenches in WW1

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First World War centenary: Letters from the trenches reveal horror faced by our boys

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A letter from the trenches Grade 9 Humanities - Assessment Task AOI: Health and Social Education Imagine you are a soldier fighting in the First World War in Letters home from the Western Front in the First World War gave a snapshot of the horrendous conditions suffered by Ulster soldiers in the trenches.

On today's th anniversary of the declaration of war by Britain, we highlight some of the messages sent back to anxious friends and family. WWI: Letters from the Trenches These are some extracts from the letters that my Great Uncle Reg wrote home from active duty in France, Egypt and Turkey in the First World War.

kindle edition. Letter from Trenches Essay Sample. Imagine you are a soldier fighting in the First World War in Your character could be in the trenches on the Western Front as: British, French or German soldier. Letters from the Trenches Twelve and a half million letters were sent to the Western Front every week.

In the Postal Section of the Royal Engineers had a staff of men. 3 a few days ago, and we went to the trenches in daylight; we saw the Germans coming in to attack but no one knocked us off work.

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Letter from the trenches
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Letter from the Trenches | Essay Example