Impacts of the age of discovery

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Age of Discovery

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What Was The Age Of Exploration Or The Age Of Discovery?

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Section 6 – Conclusion: The Effects of the Age of Exploration leave a response Put text in RED that you think should be removed, and put in (parentheses) why you think it should be removed/edited. The Age of Exploration has had perhaps one of the greatest impacts on global relations of any other historic period or event.

Because of this widespread discovery and exploration movement, New World and Old World products were exchanged. The Effects of the Age of Exploration had good and bad effects. The good things were that new foods and animals were found.

Many new places were discovered. Gold was commonly found. A new ocean was found. Lastly, new trade routes were discovered. Now for. The impact of the Age of Exploration would permanently alter the world and transform geography into the modern science it is today.

Impact of the Age of Exploration Explorers learned more about areas such as Africa and the Americas and brought that knowledge back to Europe. age of discovery study guide by Colleen_Stutts includes 25 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and.

The most important consequence of the Age of Exploration was European dominance of the world. After the Age of Exploration was over, Europe had .

Impacts of the age of discovery
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