Harold rosenberg the american action painters essay writer

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Harold Rosenberg

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Clement Greenberg

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american action painters essay by rosenberg Adorno, Theodor.

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Action painting. Art critic Harold Rosenberg coined the term “action painting” in to describe the work of artists who painted using bold gestures that engaged. Clement Greenberg: Clement Greenberg, American art critic who advocated a formalist aesthetic.

He is best known as an early champion of Abstract Expressionism. Greenberg was born to parents of Lithuanian Jewish descent. He attended high school in Brooklyn, and in the mid s he took art classes at the Art Students’.

Harold Rosenberg (February 2, – July 11, ) was an American art critic, educator and historian. His essay on Action painting of made him an important voice in the New York art world. With the French and British entrance into World War II in Septemberartists and intellectuals began fleeing Paris, which had been the world's art capital for more than a century.

Surrealism had dominated the thriving interwar art scene in Paris, but by the critical mass of the movement's. Harold Rosenberg's essay "The American Action Painters," first appeared in Art News inand was republished in his collection of essays, The Tradition of the New.

The essay interpreted new American art along broadly existential lines.

Harold rosenberg the american action painters essay writer
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