Families of the victims should be highly compensated essay

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Families Of The Victims Should Be Highly Compensated Essay

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Crime Victims Compensation Program Essay

Thesis Statement: The effect of September 11 terrorist attacks are immeasurable and the families of the victims should be highly compensated for it’s the only tangible way for the society to show their compassion for the lives being sacrificed.

Victims of crimes should be compensated. After all that they have gone through, they must have the chance to live their lives at peace once again.

After all that they have gone through, they must have the chance to live their lives at peace once again. Families Of The Victims Should Be Highly Compensated Essay. A. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. the families of the victims should be financially compensated by the Federal Government, as this is the best tangible way for the society to show its compassion for the lives of the sacrificed.

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Join the national conversation! Ron Malin’s father and Serena Johnson’s father killed in front of his house in a drive-by shooting. To help Ron’s family recover, the government compensated them with three million dollars. Serena’s family got financial compensation, too. Victims’ families should all receive equal compensation.

Beyond the issue of who should be compensated in a public compensation scheme like the 9/11 fund is the issue of how much individuals should be compensated. The current law mandates that eligible claimants receive different awards based on the economic wherewithal and future economic losses suffered by the victims.

They are most known for their slogan, “of the victims, by he victims, and for the victims. Ina non-profit group, National Organization for Victim Assistance, or Nova, was founded.

This group is one of the longest standing victim advocacy groups in the United States.

Families of the victims should be highly compensated essay
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