Factors affecting the rate of catalase activity essay

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What Are the Factors Affecting Catalase Activity?

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The Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

Nov 19,  · Introduction and Objective. In Mr.

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Wong’s 7th period biology honors class, we did a lab experiment involving the exothermic reaction between the enzyme catalase and hydrogen peroxide. Factors Affecting the Rate of Catalase Activity Essay. Factors affecting the rate of catalase activity The extent at which environmental factors affect the rate of catalase activity was discovered in this lab.

The purpose of this experiment is to analyze the effect of multiple variables to determine if they have an effect on the rate at which catalase catalyzes H 2 0 2 decomposition. Such factors include the re-using of the enzyme, increasing its surface area, the effect of temperature or its concentration.

Composition of the culture medium, growth phase, and temperature play important roles in the sensitivity of Escherichia coli to H2O2.

The medium and growth phase affected the sensitivity of the cells to H2O2 by modifying the amount of catalase synthesized by them, whereas the effect of temperature was due to the thermolability of the enzyme. The four factors that affect the activity and reaction rate of an enzyme are temperature, pH, enzyme concentration and substrate concentration.

Research Question/Hypothesis: The hypothesis is that when the temperature is higher than 40⁰ C, the enzyme catalysis will increase. Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzyme activity Essay examples - Enzymes are efficient proteins which play a part in cellular metabolic processes.

Enzymes have the ability to improve the rate of reactions among living organisms.

Factors affecting the rate of catalase activity essay
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The Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity Essays