Determinants of cost efficiency of the

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Determinants of Cost efficiency of Finnish Hospitals: A Comparison of DEA and SFA

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The Keynesian Theory of Investment (With Diagram and Example)

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Cost of Production: Determinants and Concepts

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Cost of Production: Determinants and Concepts

Efficiency in. Determinants of health-system efficiency: evidence from OECD countries. Authors; Authors and affiliations “Determinants of health system efficiency” section presents the core results of the paper regarding the empirical evidence on the relationship between health-system characteristics and efficiency levels in the provision of.

The Determinants of Cost/Profit Efficiency of Islamic Banks Before, During and After the Subprime Crisis Using SFA Approach In this paper we estimate the determinants of cost and profit efficiency of Islamic banks using the stochastic frontier approach SFA.

interest margin, cost efficiency and profitability. On the other More recently, Sufian and Habibullah () examine the determinants of the profitability of the Chinese banking sector during the post-reform period of – The empirical findings suggest that all the determinant variables.

This section analyzes the determinants of cost efficiency with the related causes and explanations of the derived results from the (9) regressed models. The results present that there is a positive relationship between capital cost factor and cost efficiency rate (Models 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8) and statistical significance at the 1% level in.

Alternatively, the “efficient-structure” theory argues that more efficient banks have lower costs and garner greater market share (Demsetz, ; Pelzman, ). 1 From this perspective, competitive environments may produce concentrated and efficient banking systems.

Determinants of cost efficiency of the
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Determinants of cost efficiency of Finnish hospitals: A comparison of DEA and SFA. - CORE