Anatomical script of the squat technique

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Biomechanics of the Squat

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How to Squat with Proper Form: The Definitive Guide

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Squats are more than just a leg exercise. Your legs do most of the work to Squat the weight.

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But your abs and lower back muscles must stabilize your torso while your upper-body balances the bars. Squats work your whole body from head to toe.


The Back Squat: A Proposed Assessment of Functional Deficits and Technical Factors That Limit Performance Gregory D. Myer, PhD, CSCS*D,1,2,3,4 Adam M.

Kushner, BS, CSCS,1 Jensen L.

Anatomical Script of the Squat Technique

Brent, BS, CSCS,5 on how squat technique is instructed and executed to address specific per. In this post we’ll give you a brief overview of what happens with your lower body anatomy during the functional movement of a squat. If you have any questions regarding your technique you should ask your personal trainer, gym training staff, physiotherapist, strength and conditioner or sports therapist who will be able to observe you perform a squat and notice if technique.

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Anatomical script of the squat technique
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