An example of growing threats to academic freedom in the united states

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Academic Freedom Under Threat – Where do we go from here?

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ACADEmiC freedom has been the subject of an extraordinary amount of recent discussion, especially since the University of Washington cases in pre- Pp. 51, 93,,, Threats to Religious Freedom. Today, religious freedom is under threat throughout the United States—at all levels of government, federal, state, and local—and abroad.

Introduction. Academic freedom is a German import. Throughout the 19th century, more and more American scholars undertook advanced study in Germany and returned to the United States committed to wissenschaft (systematic research), a commitment that in their view required lehrfreiheit (faculty’s freedom to teach) and lernfreiheit (students’.

The United States’ political rights rating declined from 1 to 2 due to growing evidence of Russian interference in the elections, violations of basic ethical standards by the new administration, and a reduction in government transparency.

Academic freedom is an extra-constitutional, intra-academic privilege which protects professors not against legal punishment but against threats of dismissal arising from the fulfillment of their duty to form and profess their views independently.

Although the numbers and popularity of academic institutes is growing up, especially in the last decade, academic freedom is not growing. I would like to mention merely three reasons for that.

An example of growing threats to academic freedom in the united states
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