An analysis of the theory of unity applied to consciousness a pseudo scientific theory

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Philosophy of science

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The Unity of Consciousness

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Otto Neurath

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How does the mind relate to the brain? Can computers ever be conscious? What do we mean by subjectivity and the self? These questions are being keenly debated in fields as diverse as cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy.

The “perceptual moment” theory of Stroud described consciousness as a series of discrete events, like sequential frames of a movie (modern film and video present 24 to 72 frames per second, 24 to 72 Hertz, ‘Hz’). the scientific study of consciousness, nor does it aim to resolve any ongoing discus- sions about the use of specific terminology in consciousness research.

Due to space. Introductions: There is no easy and systematic introduction to conceptual analysis, but the following might be helpful points of entry to the contemporary debate: GriceStrawsonHannaJacksonBraddon-Mitchell & NolaDalyand Kipper The contradictions in the evolutionary theory as applied to human progress, which have been so strikingly pointed out by Huxley, were due to the attempt of obsessed exponents of evolution and pseudo-Darwinian writers to reduce all mental processes stages in the development of consciousness and self-consciousness.

Pseudo science. The scientific method involves testing a thing against a theory. “If systems theory is applied to social processes in the manner exemplified in this book, L.

Von Bertalanffy “General system theory: a new approach to the unity of science” volume 23 of “Human Biology”,

An analysis of the theory of unity applied to consciousness a pseudo scientific theory
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On consciousness, resting state fMRI, and neurodynamics