An analysis of the film yi mou zhangs raise the red lantern

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Zhang Yimou: Raise the Red Lantern

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"Raise the Red Lantern" ~ Zhang Yimou What attracted me to this film was the view of the oppression of women as sexual machines that must have baby boys for their Master.

I could see that this was an obvious view of women by even some men who disagreed with the subjectivity.

Zhang Yimou

Yimou brought out this oppression to make a point and to question. Raise the Red Lantern is about a 19 year old college educated woman, Songlian (Gong Li), who arrives in the home of an old, wealthy landowner to become his fourth wife.

The film centers on her. Apr 27,  · Zhang Yimou's "Raise the Red Lantern" is set in China inwhen concubines were commonplace, but I suspect the conditions of this particular house, long the residence of the wealthy Chen family, are unique.4/4. Zhang Yimou is one of China's most celebrated film directors who has garnered praise both in China and abroad for films such as To Live, Raise the Red Lantern and House of Flying Daggers.

InZhang also directed the lavishly spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Zhang Yimou: Choreographing Chinese Cinema. Stephanie. Raising the Red Lantern This film represents lonliness in a prominent way. Songlein who is the protagonist; is a year-old girl marrying a rich man along side 3 other wives, who has to abide by the family rules.

This film was mainly about the classical culture of Asian countries throughout the s. The director Yimou Zhang wanted to convey the story through a different aspect not only through story .

An analysis of the film yi mou zhangs raise the red lantern
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