An analysis of the effects of julius caesars assassination on rome

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Julius Caesar

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Imperial cult of ancient Rome

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The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Michael Parenti Book Review by Virgil61 Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, there is a lot to dissuade the serious reader of Roman history in Michael Parenti's "The Assassination of Julius Caesar". Action Item: If you’re an American academic, please sign the petition against the Immigration Executive Order.

(There are already more than eighteen thousand signatories, including Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists, you name it, but it could use more!).

Claudius' early life. Which was not easy, what with him being born lame and with a palsy that made him twitch and stutter. The fact that his father was murdered just after he was born, leaving Claudius solely in the care of his unsympathetic mother didn't help things.

The statesman and general Julius Caesar ( B.C.) expanded the Roman Republic through a series of battles across Europe before declaring himself dictator for life.


The Ludi and the Munera: Public and Private Games. In my recent book, The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome, I present an alternative explanation: the Senate aristocrats killed Caesar because they perceived him to.

An analysis of the effects of julius caesars assassination on rome
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