A history of cultural diversity in the united states

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This collection of readings provides the reader with a basic introduction to the topic and concepts of cultural diversity as it has come to characterize the culture of the United States. The culture of the United States of America is primarily of Western culture origin and form, but is influenced by a multicultural ethos that includes African, Native American, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American people and their cultures.

It also has its own social and cultural characteristics, such as dialect, music, arts, social habits, cuisine, and folklore. A country rich in history, tradition and culture, Mexico is made up of 31 states and one federal district.

It is the third largest country in Latin America and. Build background about cultural diversity in the United States. Tell students that Kenneth Prewitt, former director of the U.S. Census Bureau, has said of the United States that “we’re on our way to becoming the first country in history that is literally made up of every part of the world.”.

The United States contains a highly diverse population. Unlike a country such as China that largely incorporated indigenous peoples, the United States has a diversity that to a great degree has come from an immense and sustained global immigration. Probably no other country has a wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural types than does the United States.

In the United States, multiculturalism is not clearly established in policy at the federal level, but ethnic diversity is common in both rural and urban areas. Continuous mass immigration was a feature of the United States economy and society since the first half of the 19th century.


History of the United States A history of cultural diversity in the united states
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